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Julia and Party

Congrats to Julia on her purchase of "Party"!! (above) They are going to have so much fun together!!

It is finally the season for weekly show updates!! If you'd prefer not to get the updates, please let me know and I will take you off the mailing list. But, do know that they tend to be wildly hilarious and you will be missing out...

St Croix Dressage Update

Life is full of learning experiences. I learned the valuable lesson this weekend that I am NOT superwoman, and 5 horses is far too many to ride in one show. I did a total of 10 rides on Saturday, and I didn't feel like I was able to ride my best for all of them. I was a little hot and disoriented, I think perhaps I had heat exhaustion or dehydration. However, 1,000 women running in tutus didn't help the cause for any of us. I feel the need to elaborate on that...

Saturday morning was the "Diva Dash," a 5K for women with obstacles benefiting cancer research. It looked like a TON of fun, however, the horses weren't digging it; especially considering they were running it right next to Ring 2. (Congrats to Janelle for finishing the 5K!)

Anyway, Levi was rather forward, thinking he was joining the ladies in tutus over the hurdles. But I was able to successfully navigate through a couple second level tests and get respectable scores. Danny and I made our fourth level debut, winning both our classes even though I had a handful of mistakes. He was great, I made the mistakes. More learning!!! Archie was not digging it when it began to pour in our warm up. He's definitely not a "mudder." Luckily, they put a hold on the show right before our ride since it was beginning to lightening. After the storm passed, we skipped around a few puddles but had two good rides, one getting second place and the other winning the class! Mr Darcy made a successful second level debut and gained a very large fan club. (I could have used 1000 ladies in tutus during his ride, as he was a little lazy...) Dolly behaved herself and won both her third level classes! I was thinking she was so good because she's pregnant, but Dr Bruce was out to check her today and said she's not preggers :( Will try again next week!!

Allyson and Sharkie had a speedy First level test. Apparently, Sharkie needs some desensitizing with tutus. Kudos to Allyson for sticking with it, and finishing her training level test with style! (no tutus that time...)

Lily and Charlie had 2 solid first level rides, scoring a 63% on both. She's ready for the move up to Second level!

Jiibay was a true gentleman at his first show of the season. He and Sandy did well considering Sandy has been out of commission for the last 6 weeks!! We will keep working on that right bend!!

Meghan and Diva had great warm ups, but a lost test and a hold on the show tested Diva's patience (and forwardness.) They still did well, and now have a plan for next time!

Today (Sunday), we were supposed to go to Carriage House Farm for a combined test for eventing. But the weather didn't cooperate, and neither did my heat exhaustion, so we ended up scratching from the show. It was unfortunate, but I didn't really feel like dodging the rain all day and trying to get my trailer unstuck from the mud at Carriage House. Sounds like most of the show ended up scratching too, so I suppose we werent' just being wimps :)

So, another show weekend over, more lessons learned and much fun for everyone. Until next time!!

Cheers, Heather


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